The Leopold Bloom Press

The Leopold Bloom Press at 2 Grafton Street, Dublin supports expression. Moving away from str­ict adherence to technical decisions, stifling academic literary rules, we look for fiction that sings to the spirit of creative awareness. We are looking for awakening works channeled through the subconscious eye, where the authors imagination and unique voice suffuses to the fore. Our aim is to re-connect readers with the sublime, to channel and promote incandescent sparks of artistic expression, ones perhaps that don’t conform, and have been pushed down by rigorous adherence to the ‘rights and wrongs’ of other voices.

We are not the first to choose this location for its inspirational properties. In Ulysses, Joyce sends Leopold Bloom to the same address to explore the deeper side of his own subconscious. In that 1922 modernist novel, Joyce chose the location that is now The Leopold Bloom Press as the setting for a profound event, one which finds Bloom groping to see through the myopia of his own limited imagination.