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The Smell of Heaven by Frances Flannery

Tobias Pilkerhof wants to be a writer like his father, Claude.

Tobias looks like a writer, talks likes a writer, and wears fake spectacles because he believes that eye-glasses contribute to the right image for a writer to have. There are just a few small problems. Tobias doesn’t need glasses, nor can he find anything to write about.

Despite his posturing, he has by the age of thirty not yet written a book. After the death of his father, Tobias acquires the old man’s bureau, and finds in it a hidden drawer, and inside a Hebrew manuscript, one which his father acquired from a German soldier in Frankfurt during the second world war.

Tobias does not know where the manuscript came from. All he knows is that when he publishes the book as his own the world falls under its spell, and he receives the acclaim that he has always dreamed of.  

Then Lolita, a lost relative of the true author of the story enters Tobias’s life, and the truth of the source of the book’s origins begins to unravel.

About The Author

Frances Flannery holds a Masters in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin. This is her first fictional novel. She currently lives in Dublin, and splits her time between writing, and working as a holistic therapist.